1. My friend Rob. This was taken with my OM-4, which I am enjoying re-discovering after it sat in a box for around 10 years

  2. Muesli. Styling by Sophia Hoffmann http://www.oh-sophia.net/

  3. A portrait of the lovely Edie Lou

  4. I brought my old Olympus OM-4 that my parents gave to me for my 17th birthday back with me from Melbourne last month. Here are some portraits of my colleagues. Robert is from Toronto, Ben is from Eltham

  5. Beautiful peonies in my room

  6. Marrakech

  7. Photos I took during Sunday’s Gemüseschlacht (vegetable fight) between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain on the Oberbaumbrücke.

  8. It’s summer!

  9. Sofar Sounds Berlin, May 21

  10. What an amazing experience I had last week. I visited Beelitz-Heilstätten, an abandoned hospital near Berlin. It was a former TB clinic and sanatorium, turned military hospital (Hitler was treated there during WW1). It was kept on by the victorious Russians after WW2, and was in use up until 1994. It’s a huge complex, and as you can imagine has a fairly eerie atmosphere. 
    It can sometimes be hard to connect the history of everything that’s happened in Berlin with the modern city we live in now, but seeing Beelitz, a place frozen in time, made it far easier to imagine the not too distant past there.