1. At art berlin contemporary - the Katz Orange oyster bar

  2. A discussion in the window of a restaurant in Berlin

  3. I got a new camera. And it can do multiple exposures! Here’s me and my bedroom floor.

  4. Taken on a return trip to Beelitz last week

  5. Lake Jumper, Brandenburg

  6. My friend Rob. This was taken with my OM-4, which I am enjoying re-discovering after it sat in a box for around 10 years

  7. Muesli. Styling by Sophia Hoffmann http://www.oh-sophia.net/

  8. A portrait of the lovely Edie Lou

  9. I brought my old Olympus OM-4 that my parents gave to me for my 17th birthday back with me from Melbourne last month. Here are some portraits of my colleagues. Robert is from Toronto, Ben is from Eltham

  10. Beautiful peonies in my room